New Year, New Me, and a Cleaner Room...

Friday, March 25, 2016

How many blog posts do you think have been written and posted specifically this week about decluttering your space? I honestly want to know. Fair warning this is one of those posts, but it also includes a very important message.

Every year I like to go through my closet and figure out what I don’t wear. Since there have been so many changes happening over the past couple of months in my own life, I have a lot of time and energy to focus on organizing my space at home.

Background information: My room has been a mess for quite a while. Every time I have tried to clean it, I would just make it worse. Maybe it was due to my lack of motivation, but it was a huge disaster for months. Usually the state of my room reflects what’s going on in my life and, well, I’m sure you can put two and two together.

Needless to say, I decided to take another step in getting my act together by purging my closet.

It took me a few days to really prioritize what I didn’t need and [what I did]. I’m usually pretty good at getting rid of stuff and organizing, it’s just the motivation part that’s difficult.

Recently, I was so motivated, not only did I clean out my own room/closet, I took it upon myself to clean my sister’s too. AND I helped my friend Alex declutter her closet and figure out what she should be looking for when making new purchases.

My sister tells me that I am heartless when it comes to getting rid of stuff. I admit I can be harsh, but you have to keep in mind there’s no point in storing items in your wardrobe that aren't getting any use. Yes, we all have sentimental items, but not every piece of clothing you own has that value.

I have my own set of guidelines as to what I want to see in my wardrobe. When trying to decide what items should stay and which should go, I have a selection of questions I like to ask myself:

1. How often do I wear this?
2. Is this a versatile piece? 
3. Will it stay on trend?
4. When was the last time it was worn? 
5. Do I need it?

If you are having trouble deciding what to remove from your closet, I would say ask a friend for some help. That’s what I did for my friend Alex last weekend. She told me she needed someone to tell her the truth as to why she shouldn’t keep an item she was holding onto.
Let's be clear, I am honest about many things, but when it comes to fashion I'm brutal. There are so many things we hold onto and never use...

Think of all the space and empty hangers you’ll have. And it’s fine, I get it. I take a lot of pride in the clothes I own. I purchased every piece with intention, but some just don’t get loved as much as the others. So why not give them to someone who can actually put them to good use?

The purging of Alex’s closet, my sister’s and my own was a case you were curious.

The great thing about purging your closet is that you don’t need to throw your clothes away. THAT’S WASTEFUL. There are many options as to what you can do with the clothes, such as selling them, swapping them with friends, or donating them to a great cause, which brings me to the important message I want to share with all of you.

For those of you who don’t know, and I actually didn’t know this myself, March 26th is Epilepsy Awareness Day. This Spring I will be scheduling a pickup with the Epilepsy Foundation of New England to support this wonderful cause.

There are approximately 65 million people in the world live with epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation of New England takes donations to fund programs that support those who live with epilepsy.

They take donations including clothes, shoes, accessories, books, household items, etc. You can check what isn't accepted here.

To donate, put your items in bags or boxes and go online to schedule a pickup at your home. The truck comes right to your door and picks up the donation on the date you choose from the online form. If you’d rather get rid of your items immediately, there are over 100 drop-off locations.
I think it's super important to Take some time to think about what you really don’t need and give to those who will actually use them.
Until next time.
xx Aline

Adulthood? Whatever that is.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

To answer the question above. Yes, but it's too late now...

Hey. Um, well it's been a while. I'm sorry about the whole not being consistent thing. I promise I'm going to be better.

So, I am currently sitting in my office, also known as my kitchen, applying to jobs whilst eating these delicious pancakes I made. I'll post the recipe I found, mine didn't come out as fluffy as the recipe said...but whatever.

This past year I would say 2015 to now...has been full of change. Good and bad, but all important life lessons. Though so much as happened I'm going to stick to the major events and keep all the minor juicy details to myself. 

So let's start with graduating college (wooooo!). I graduated in May 2015 with a BA in Communications, I had an internship my last semester of college and was able to continue working full time at the company throughout the summer, I got a big girl job by Fall of 2015, and currently am unemployed.

Wow. Amazing. So now you're pretty up to speed on what's been going on in my life. I am one of the many "young adults" what am I an adult? or young adult...I'm not sure. I'm twenty three, and the point is that I am very uncertain about the future and for those of you out there like me, I want to reassure you that you are not in this alone. 

Is this lame? Maybe. But I don't care, it's my blog and this is what I want to talk about. Ah, how I've missed blogging. To tell you the truth I never really felt like I found my voice while writing my personal style posts until now maybe it was a lack of confidence. To keep you in the loop I typically write the way I speak. I use a lot of inflection and CAPITOL letters to convey the change in my voice. It's like talking with my hands but with typography. 

Alright, so since searching for my new career path I wanted to somewhat discuss how I ended up in my kitchen searching for jobs. 

DISCLAIMER: I will not be posting any outfit photos because I'm sitting in my Emmanuel College T-shirt, hot pink Victoria Secret pajama shorts and a robe. So I hope that paints a really pretty picture for you ;)

Let's begin again, as I said before I had an internship my last semester of school at a 3D software company in one of the marketing departments. I worked through the summer and was panicking because every job I applied to had not responded to me with any type of request for an interview. It's like dating when you feel like the other person has no interest then you feel discouraged. Well that is HOW I FELT. 

I interned with a girl who I became friends with and while I stayed at the internship for a while she received a full time job not too far away. The company she was at did some work for the company I interned at and well I thought I would pass my resume along to her. 

It's called NeTwOrKiNg. 

She forwarded my resume to some people in the company and I heard back fairly quick. The position they were hiring for was not something I really wanted, but I went in for an interview anyway.

The interview process was not very traditional, to each their own, and I heard back the next week with a job offer. At that point, I did not want to turn down the opportunity that presented itself. So I accepted.

Fast forward to now, I worked for six months and well let's say that parting ways was mutual and for the best. I have no hard feelings, but sometimes when your gut tells you something isn't right you just have to listen even if it messes things up. 

With that said I wanted to give a little bit of advice for people who are in a similar position as me. 

1. If you're looking for a job, look for something you are interested in.
It's so easy for me to say that, but it's true. I wasn't interested in the position I had and now I know I don't really want it as a career for a fact. So I'm looking for something I feel I will like more. 

2. Sometimes settling is okay and sometimes it's not
Does anyone know the song Intuition by Jewel circa 2003? Please tell me you do...

I'm just a simple girl, in a high tech digital world... THAT'S ME (I added a link to the music video)

Anyway I went for the only offer I received after a short amount of time. Was it the right decision? Maybe. Did I learn a lot from the work I did? Absolutely. Sometimes it's okay to take a job just to get your foot in the door of a company you really like. It's really all about what your gut tells you. 

3. Learn as much as you can
Even if it's something you don't like, because in the long run you never know when the work you did could help you in the right direction to the career you really want. 

4. Every thing takes time.
This is something I constantly need to remind myself. I am very impatient. My friends and family can probably all attest to that, but I suppose in the end everything is going to work out for the best.

I'm really lucky and thankful to all my friends and family who have been supporting me throughout this very uncertain time in my life, and I'll try to keep you posted as to what's going on...

So, in closing I wanted to introduce myself to the blogging world again.

Hello, my name is Aline Chaprazian, first name pronounce Ah-leen. Don't worry about the last name.

And I'll be back with another post next week! :)

xx Aline


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