One Last Sweater

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am hoping this will be my last sweater of the season. 
The snow is sure to melt here in Boston I can feel it. 
I'm ready for spring. 
I hope I can say the same for you. 

My days have been keeping me busy as usual, but there are moments when I just stop and admire the clouds that give me hope soon I will be able to relax for more than just a moment. 

Being a college student is tough, and although I complain about my workload I'm really happy I have it. 

I have just a little over a month left of school then I will officially be a junior. 
It's crazy to think how time really does fly by so quick.

It's that realization that encourages me to stop and enjoy every moment I have. 

Whether if it's with your family, friends, or just those quiet moments you have with yourself. 

Indulge in everything because before you know it, time will slip right through your hands. 

These are just some thoughts I've been having lately. Do you feel like time is moving to fast? Let me know.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


wearing: sweater-urban outfitters; hat- H&M; leggings-Nordstroms; shirt w/ collar-Forever 21; boots-Steve Madden

Little Money, Big Problems: H&M and the Fashion Conscious Campaign

Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo: s h i r i/ Flickr CC
Over spring break I was making my daily round on YouTube when I came across a video by one of my favorite beauty gurus, Michelle Phan. In the video, Phan talks about H&M's new campaign to recycle and sustain garments.

According to H&M's website, every year millions of textiles end up in landfills. More than 95% of these textiles and clothes can be recycled.

That's why H&M is now collecting any and all garments you want to get rid of and recycling them. 

The clothing company's mission is to "help decrease the amount of fashion wasted".

There is no limit to what you can bring, but it has to be all clothing: any brand, any condition, and any quality. This is the perfect way to start spring cleaning through your closet! You can bring two bags a day and get two vouchers to put towards any item in the store. And for each bag of clothes you donate, you'll get a voucher with a 15% off discount on your next purchase.

So, what does H&M do with all the clothes that's donated?

"They ship it to the nearest processing plant, graded and hand-sorted. Zero waste is the goal. Items that are too worn and torn to be reused will be recycled and turned into raw materials and new products."

To be clear H&M is not making any profit off this campaign the website says, "our revenues is to reward our customers, donating to local charities, and working on recycling innovation."

Be sure to also check out H&M's Conscious Collection, that includes a variety of eco-friendly fashion pieces.

Go ahead and visit your local H&M store. You know you have a bunch of clothes you don't want, why not make a difference and recycle them?


Friday, March 22, 2013

These are some photo's I've taken from around Boston and New Hampshire. Some are new and others are from a while back. These are all my favorites though and I hope you like them too! I'm hoping to get in a few good outfit posts soon and my spring playlist, so keep an eye out for those!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

High Contrast

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

High Contrast

The classic black and white contrast in fashion has been around for decades; but the trend is making a huge come back for the spring season! I simply adore pairing black and white together. You can look edgy and girly with any combination of items. I think having an outfit dedicated to a black and white theme is essential in every closet. 
High contrast outfits are so chic because you can accessories them and really play up your makeup too!

Above is my wishlist for black and white clothing, shoes, and accessories directly from the online store ModCloth.

So if you adore this classic trend for the spring, go check out ModCloth's selection
The site has free US shipping on $50+ & free returns, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Hope you have a lovely day and happy spring! 
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Nautical Days

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello! Just a quick post from one of my latest outfits. My roommate was kind enough to snag this super cute cardigan/sweater for me. One of her friends was going to give it away! I'm glad she gave it to me because I adore it! It's very simple with subtle detail. I love the anchors. This cardigan is just too cute! I love all nautical things! I'm hoping to post a nautical themed wishlist at some point. Anyway I love this outfit, although it's a sweater/cardigan the nautical symbols remind me of summer. And that's what I'm getting ready for! Oh Boston...when will the snow ever end?

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

wearing: cardigan/sweater-c/o my roommate; tank top- Forever21; jeans-Go Jane; boots-Mod Cloth; necklace-Forever21; knit hat- Nordstrom

Seeking Indie Styles? 
ModCloth Is the Place for Chic Indie Looks! Free US Shipping on $50+ & Free Returns.  

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Little Money, Big Problems: The Garment District

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last weekend, I was able to gather up some clothes that I wanted to sell, and headed over to the Garment District in Cambridge.

According to the website, the Garment District purchases clothes Wednesday through Saturday from 12pm-7pm, no appointment necessary. There's a 25 piece maximum and all items must be in good condition.

The Garment District is known as an "Alternative Department Store" that started in the late 1980s.

It has Boston Costume on the 1st floor, massive amounts of clothing (designer and contemporary), vintage items (from the 50s-90s), shoes, accessories, and more!

The store has a room on the first floor where there's just piles and piles of clothes. This is their By The Pound section. You go through the piles, pick up as many items as you like, it get's weighed, and you pay $1.50/pound. Crazy right?

I instantly went for the clothes. The 2nd floor has a great vintage section and after trying on a bunch of dresses I ended up liking three.

I made my way to the 1st floor where the registers and purchasing is done, but I found out that there was a long waiting list for selling clothes.

I didn't realize the store runs by a first come first serve basis.

Though I wanted to sell my clothes, I ended up buying three dresses instead. Next time I'll definitely sell my stuff first.

If you're thinking about selling your clothes to the Garment District the way they price it is you get 30% of the suggested retail price in cash, or 60% in store credit.

The Garment District is definitely my new favorite place.

Lace & Leather

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I love wearing dresses! This one is one of my favorite's! I found a dress similar to the one I'm wearing at Urban Outfitter's a few years ago. It was way too expensive so I didn't end up buying it. Then last year I was searching through Nasty Gal's sale section and I stumbled upon this dress and I just had to have it! I love the royal blue under the black lace, it gives the dress an edgy yet feminine touch.

Spring is getting close! Although there's still some snow on the ground, Boston's warming up!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

wearing: dress-Nasty Gal; leather jacket c/o-my roommate; bracelets-Alex & Ani; socks-target; purse-Forever 21; boots-Steve Madden


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